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The aim of our blog is to bring our travel experience and knowledge to families like us; families usually travelling on a budget and with little ones.  Mixed in with our reviews and travel advice is regular Disney news, Disney Lifestyle, Disney merchandise and a little history thrown in for good measure. Our blog alone has over 100k hits (147,199 and counting) and we are now branching out to a Podcast and a Vlog to reach an even wider audience. You can be a part of that. We continue to grow and reach audiences via our website.

Here’s some stats info for you:

We launched in 2013 and reached just 680 readers!

2013 – 680 visits
2014 – 2096 visits
2015 – 37,046 visits
2016 – 62,841 visits
2017 – (As of April) 34,461 visits (now 44,541 – June 2017)

We have a very loyal readership and the bulk of our audience is from the US, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany and the rest of Europe.  If you would like to reach our readers, there are several options available to you.

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Website Ad sponsorship
We have limited space available for a few select ads that will feature in our left hand navigation menu, close to the top. If you would like one of these spots, then we are accepting ads that are 320 x 150 px. Our rates are:

1 month £15
3 months £30
6 months £50
1 year £95.00

Footer Ad
Our most popular page by far is The Vault, which currently has over 33,223 individual views. We have one spot open for a banner ad at the footer of the page, size 760 x 260 px. The cost for the banner ad for one year is £60.00.


Podcast & Vlog opportunities
Have your brand/company/name mentioned every single time we release a new episode. If you would like to sponsor either show, we will include links and mentions on the website, mentions every episode and also promote you across social media. As both shows are just on the cusp of launching, our rates are low to reflect this. You can sponsor us for 6 months for just £25.

If there are any Disney products/features/websites/services etc that you wish to promote, we are happy to receive these in an exchange for giving an honest review which will be posted here, across Social Media and also mentioned on the Vlog and Podcast.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please CONTACT US now to discuss further. Special rates are available to anyone wishing to advertise/sponsor in more than one area.

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