Walt’s apartment

A not so well kept secret……

Nobody loved the world of Disney more than Walt himself.  While Disneyland was under construction, he added an apartment so that he could watch the building taking place, go to Disneyland at any time, sit and watch the crowds and the world go by, completely unseen and take his family – children and grandchildren to the park. The apartment is located on Main Street USA, on the second floor of the firehouse.  It was fully equipped with everything a family could need, including overnight accommodation.  Now that’s what we call staying in the heart of it all! Talk about location…..

Although small, the apartment had everything – a kitchenette, bathroom complete with shower, and there was also a quiet hidden-from-the-crowds patio.  Walt was very private about this apartment so at the time nobody had a clue that it was there or that at any time, Walt Disney himself was up on the balcony watching the parades.  Now of course it’s a part of the history of the park, so enjoy these photos of the apartment!




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New for May 2013 – view a virtual tour of the apartment!


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