US Vault Schedule

For our US readers, here is a list of which movies are currently locked away in the Vault (to the  best of our knowledge!).

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Alice in Wonderland
Peter Pan
Lady and the Tramp
Sleeping Beauty
One Hundred and One Dalmatians
The Jungle Book
The Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast
The Lion King

Just some of the best ones, then!

Here are all of the films that you CAN currently purchase ► Click here. If the title you’re looking for is not listed here, then it is in the vault.

Q: When will Aladdin/Lion King/Peter Pan etc etc be released from the vault?

Here’s how to work it out – Disney movies usually stay in the vault for around 5-7 years. The best way to check when a title will be released is to look it up on Amazon and see when it was last released. For example:

The Little Mermaid was released in the US in 2013 on Diamond Edition.

The Little Mermaid (Diamond Edition) [DVD +Digital Copy]

It’s currently in the vault. Add 5-7 years onto the year it was last released and this means it will be 2018-2020 before it appears again.

Q: But I want the movie now!

We agree that the vault SUCKS. Disney apparently don’t want to ‘over saturate’ the market (says the most recognisable brand in the entire world with theme parks in the US, Europe, Shanghai etc, stores everywhere, scores of websites….you get the idea…). The vault is a clever marketing ploy. By the time Beauty and the Beast is finally released again, the DVDs will fly off the shelves because Disney have created a panic – you must buy it now before it disappears again! But there ARE other options as some titles in the vault may be available in other countries. The vault seems to vary country to country so double check each and every title.

Click HERE to learn more about buying and international DVD that may be in the vault in your country.

The information given here is not official and has been provided as a guide to help Disney fans out. We don’t claim it’s 100% accurate but it’s the best information we can offer today.  If you do choose to purchase international DVDs PLEASE ensure you have a region free DVD player than can handle DVDs in other formats.

Thanks & happy DVD hunting!