The Disney Vault Ultimate update – APRIL 2019

This is the biggest news about the vault yet – there will be NO VAULT anymore!

Tired of seeing movies disapear and fed up of waiting for them to be re-released for a ‘new generation’???

You may have seen that Disney have acquired Fox. They have also ended their Marvel deal with Netflix. What does all this mean? This means that Disney are launching their own streaming service called Disney+

This also means that EVERY Disney movie will be available to watch online.

Disney Plus will be the only place to stream the company’s new movies, starting with Captain Marvel, after they premiere in theaters. Not only that, Bob Iger revealed in March that the service will house the entire Disney “vault” of motion pictures “fairly soon” after launch.

No more waiting! No more wondering – every Disney movie at your fingertips! The question is now…do you keep your Netflix subscription too?

Also, Disney+ will be the only place you can find all Disney films, so if you’re a fan, you will need this streaming service subscription.

As for DVD collector’s, we can only assume if every movie will be accessible on Disney+ the same will apply to DVD copies too. YAY!