International DVDs – IMPORTANT INFO

When Disney withdraw something from sale and put it into the vault, it is so annoying! If you want to obtain the title, you may want to resort to ordering a DVD from a different country. Certain DVDs that are in the vault for US customers may well be available in say, the UK.

I’ve mentioned this and given people the link to certain DVDs and they’ve ordered these DVDs only to find that they don’t work in their DVD player. I (stupidly) thought that people would automatically check compatibility and formats BEFORE ordering to ensure they would play on their DVD players. As some people have not, please read below.

Please bear this in mind:

The US DVD format is NTSC. The UK DVD format is PAL.

Many people own REGION FREE DVD players that will play ANY format. If you don’t have this type of DVD player, international DVDs will probably not work in your player.

More information here:

Region Free DVD players:

I hope this helps with your buying decision!