Gerald Reznick

In another edition of our favourite vloggers we are going to look at someone a little different to usual.

Now most of our readers/listeners/watchers/followers will know that I am an avid Run Disney fan. I have run one US race at Wine and Dine back in 2014 and will be returning to Disneyland Paris in September for the 2nd Run Disney Half Marathon weekend.

But due to living in the UK, US races are difficult for me to get to, so I spend a lot of time watching Youtube videos to see the races I haven’t done and to also help me plan which races I might do in the future.

Now just over a year ago I was doing exactly that, looking for videos of the latest Run Disney race, The Star Wars Half Marathon The Dark Side.

Stumbling upon this video, I found something that wasn’t just a race video. No there was great explanations about the race, what was going on etc which you don’t always see during these race videos.

I found out that the video was from a channel called RezRuns. And I took a look at what else they had on the channel and I was blown away. There was preview videos of the race and videos from the whole weekend so I watched them as well.

I learnt that the gentleman whose channel it was, was called Gerald Reznick, a really likeable, personable man who really seemed to love what he was doing but this was just the tip of the iceberg.

I went back and watched his earliest videos which were from the Walt Disney World Half Marathon a few months earlier.

But it was watching videos that would appear after few months after the Star Wars races that I would learn what Gerard was really about

It might be difficult for anybody to train for these races, but for Gerald it is doubly difficult. How you may say? Well Gerald is legally blind. He has a condition called Stargardt Disease (an inherited degenerative eye condition), which has left him with very little eyesight.

It has really inspired me to push through my doubts and issues with running.

Since finding him, Gerald’s channel has grown massively. Not only does he record race weekends, but now he records his training and talks us through his issues, booking races, equipment he uses etc.

Run Disney was built for any one to run and Gerald has proven that to be the case.

Currently Gerald is prepping for taking on The Dopey Challenge in January as well as some other races in between.

Personally I am looking forward to Gerald making the trip to DLP in September 2018 for The Run Disney weekend, where I hope I will be able to help him plan his time

You can find Gerald’s channel here:

And over on Facebook