Yacht Club Restarant Review

After a long day of travelling to Disneyland Paris, we thought we’d kick off our first full day with a breakfast at our hotel restaurant. Here’s our review!

We managed to get a 10am booking slot which worked just fine for us, as that gave us time to get up, shower, rest and relax and then go downstairs for a nice, relaxed breakfast.  When we arrived, the restaurant wasn’t busy – I guess most families were up and out early and already at the parks.  We were shown to a lovely table by the window which overlooked the lake – the scenery (including the flights of fantasy balloon) was very pretty, calming and relaxing.

It’s worth mentioning that the server took payment first (as we had no voucher, and no dining plan, and yes – you have to pay for breakfast now, it’s no longer included with your package), and then we were shown to our table. The drinks were the usual coffee, orange juice, apple juice, grapefruit juice and water. The food was almost exactly the same as Plaza Gardens – pastries, breads, pancakes, waffles, meat, fruit, toast, yoghurt and then hot food – eggs, sausage, bacon, breakfast potatoes, porridge, etc. There’s lots of choice and it was all fresh, tasty and plentiful. I thought with our breakfast time being later we’d be left with leftovers but no. There was plenty of food and it was easy to get our money’s worth. The breakfast cost us €45 (annual pass discount applied). They did not seem to charge for our 4 year old.

We were able to take our time, getting as many refills and helpings as we wanted. We didn’t feel rushed or crowded, it was a really relaxing breakfast and a far cry from the scrum of trying to get breakfast at the Santa Fe & Cheyenne. I’m not sure if this was due to the late booking slot or the fact that you now have to pay (a lot!) for your breakfast.  It’s a bit of a poor state of affairs that Disney removed breakfasts from the holiday packages. I’ve said this before and will say it again – Disney seem determined to strip everything down so you pay a lot for the bare essentials and pay extra for everything else. Breakfast should still be included, kettles and a refreshment tray should be supplied in the rooms. Just my humble opinion! Disney resorts in the US offer a fridge, coffee maker etc, and are not so highly priced. Yes, you have to pay for breakfast but you can grab something hearty from quick service for $15 easily. All of this aside, however – we did really enjoy our breakfast and we’re glad we booked there and got our first day off to such a lovely start. Recommended!