The Lucky Nugget

The Lucky Nugget Restaurant Review

For reasons better known to Disneyland Paris, several eateries in Frontierland were closed during peak time during our June holiday. We had originally planned to go to the Cowboy Cookout BBQ (it suited our budget and taste), but despite Woody being out to meet & greet, it was closed. Okay, we thought……so we’ll go to the Last Chance Café instead. Also closed. At this point, it was boiling hot and we’d walked all that way specifically to eat there as we were starving. In the end, we took the only available (open) option and that was The Lucky Nugget. Take a look below and you will see what the difference between the three is. If the Lucky Nugget was ever an all you can eat buffet, it isn’t now. It’s table service and it’s overly expensive for what you get.

For a start, you order and pay at a counter just inside the door. The service was slow, the guy operating the till had poor English (so our order got screwed up) and it seemed to take much longer than it should. With only 2 families before us, a 20 minute wait was about 15 minutes too long. After shelling out around €50, we were shown to a table. I have to say that this place is wonderfully themed and I can imagine that when they have shows on, it’s great entertainment. Plus, the air conditioning after the blistering heat outside was so welcome! Our drinks came out quickly, followed by our food. The food was essentially small portions in a basket. Hardly €50 euros worth! A small burger and a few fries. Still, we were hungry and tucked in eagerly. The food was good – fresh, hot, tasty. However, when desert came, the ice cream that I had pointed to on the menu and requested the fruit sauce to go with turned up as a nasty plastic cup with fruit. I definitely ordered ice cream and fruit sauce, not fruit. The waitress was gone before I could say anything so I just ate it (after all, some fruit instead of ice cream can’t hurt). But it wasn’t what I ordered, unfortunately. The image below isn’t mine but this represents our meal. A basket with a couple of items in. Not impressive.

We just didn’t fancy battling back through the crowds and heat to find somewhere else, so we went where I’m fairly sure Disney wanted us to go. After all, they served less food and made more money by strategically closing the other venues. We ate at the Last Chance Café the next day and the food was better, more of it, cheaper.

I guess what saves this place is the impressive interior. It certainly isn’t the ambiguous service and the high costs! Not sure I’d recommend this one. However, all this being said, this is the first time we have ever seen the Lucky Nugget open (we visited before in March 2012, November 2012 & October 2015). Go figure.