Inventions Review

Inventions is not cheap. It’s located in the 5 star Disneyland Paris Hotel and it offers character dining – at a premium. We paid €55 per adult for a lunchtime buffet. Children under 3 go free. We went on impulse and although we aged about 5 years when we got our credit card bill, it was absolutely worth going.


The food was fantastic – hot, fresh, plentiful, great choice and variety. Entrées, mains, desserts – all to die for. I do wish the price of drinks could be included in the buffet price though! €110 is pretty steep for lunch for 2 when you’re serving yourself…..the least they could do is include drinks?! I mean, how much does it cost Disney to serve a glass of coke, really?!

Anyway, we were tucked away in a lovely little side room away from the main room (where the food was).



We ended up being the only family in there and my little boy got so much attention from the characters that he was in heaven. I have never seen him so happy and entertained. He was in his element and the characters and staff were absolutely brilliant.
This alone was worth the price (although the food, location and view all help!). Mickey and Minnie were very, very good with my little boy and there were lots of other characters who came out too. It was such good fun! The waiting staff were attentive, helpful and sweet. I really love this hotel and the restaurant and will definitely try to stay here as well as eating at Inventions again.