Hunter’s Grill at Sequoia Lodge

While staying at Sequoia Lodge in Paris, we decided to eat at the restaurant there and so we booked a table at Hunters Grill. You just need to go to reception and find the concierge desk to book, but booking is essential.


We were given a slip of paper with the time and date of the reservation on.
Anyway, after eating quick service meals and spending on average €10-15 per person, per meal, we considered it a treat to eat at Hunters Grill since it was over €30.00 each for the dinner buffet.

Here and now, I have to tell you – this was the best money we spent on the whole trip. Our waiter was lovely, our table was good and our dining neighbours were nice, chatty families. This place is comfortable with a fantastic ambience and cosy, warm setting.



The food is to die for. Usually, I love my desserts but there was so much good food by way of starters, mains and sides that I only managed a tiny piece of cake at the end! I had double helpings of the cheesy sliced potatoes, enjoyed endless perfectly cooked meats and had 3 helpings of their amazing pumpkin spiced soup. There was so much choice and everything was fresh, hot, tasty and plentiful.



When we were ready for desserts, there was a fantastic selection to choose from.



Our only complaint is that we didn’t book sooner and eat here every night. We absolutely loved it and when we return in October, we’ll be staying at the Cheyenne but booking Hunter’s Grill for one of the evenings for sure!



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