Hotel Santa Fe Review

In March 2011, Paul and I went to Disneyland Paris to celebrate our wedding anniversary. What better place?

We stayed at the Hotel Santa Fe, which had not long been refurbished. We had a package deal, which included a coach trip, accommodation and park tickets. The coach trip is not something we’d recommend or will ever do again, but we can at least recommend the Hotel Santa Fe!  Aimed towards families on a budget (along with the Cheyenne), The Hotel Santa Fe (HSF) is basic, but clean, comfortable and has some decent theming.  Our room wasn’t too far away from the shops, restaurant & bus stops but there were some that seemed further out and outside of the room can look a little dreary. Once you get inside though, everything is fine! There’s plenty of space, the room is lovely, everything is nice and clean. All that’s missing (which we found very weird) was a kettle and tea and coffee supplies. Here’s a quick look at the room and around the hotel.

Comfortable beds

His n’ hers Disney PJs

Slightly depressing exteriors

At Breakfast!

Hotel shop window

Purchases made in the parks, which were then delivered to the hotel so that we didn’t need to carry them around all day.

Looks great at night!

Shuttle bus to the parks

Okay, so let’s discuss the positives of the HSF. The prices are affordable, it’s on-site, it’s not too far away from the parks and it does have a tiny sprinkle of Disney magic.  Not a lot, but enough so that you know you’re staying on Disney property. The breakfast is enough to get you set up for the day and nobody blinks an eye if you take extra and pack it up to take with you. The staff were all friendly, helpful and polite and the communal areas were very pleasant. As mentioned before, the rooms are cosy, clean, comfortable and freshly refurbished.  House keeping is good here.

The negatives? Breakfast is one big, massive scrum. Book a time slot as early as you can and you might avoid the thronging masses of elbows and people shoving and pushing in lines! The food is basic – pain au chocolate, breads, meats and cheese plus a bowl of syrupy fruit and some yoghurts. If memory serves me correctly, you can make toast and there is tea, coffee, milk and juices to drink. The shuttles do tend to get packed out and you often end up having to stand up, which doesn’t help your park-tired feet. Also, if a coach load of people arrive (like we did), expect a delay checking in! Although the drivers do try to take care of this to avoid you all queuing up.

Overall, this is a good, decent hotel and a great choice to families, or anyone on a budget who wants to be on site. We would definitely go back!


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