Hotel Cheyenne Review

So, here’s my review from our October 2015 stay at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne…..

We were put into the Soaring Eagle block (22) Room 2222. Overall, we enjoyed our stay, but it was touch & go. First, let’s start with the positives:

* Nicely themed hotel. The Western theme is really fun and the communal areas look great.

* The on site shop has a great selection of gifts, souvenirs, food, drink & clothes. It’s not cheap, but you can get what you need.
* The lobby is spacious, warm and inviting. Could do with more seating though as people come here for the wifi.
* Tons and tons of lovely, piping hot water in the bathroom.
* Room itself is cosy, warm and the a Western theme works well. Boot lamp, cowboy hat mirror, etc.
* Bunk beds are a good, large size and very sturdy.
* Every room is within walking distance of the lobby, shop, game room & restaurant/bar.
* 15 minute walk by a pleasant river to the parks via Disney Village.

Now for the negatives:
* The bunk beds are more comfortable than the double bed. Because of the theme, everything is solid wood. The double bed is the most cripplingly uncomfortable bed I have ever (not) slept in. Rock hard mattress, tiny, inadequate duvet, zero comfort after a long day on your feet in the parks. No sprung comfort here.

* The key card system is old & as other reviewers have said, often stops working. Husband stayed at the park one night, while I returned to get our toddler to bed. It took over half an hour of return trips to reception & phone calls to finally access our room. Way past little ones bed time 😦
* I’m sorry but I can’t reconcile myself to the fact that you pay all this money (and even the budget hotels are not cheap!), and there is no kettle or drinks supplies. Why on earth do they do this?!? There is clearly the space for it (plus a slot beneath for a fridge). Disney seem determined to strip out every extra and make you pay. Pay to hire a kettle, a hair dryer, wifi….come on, really? You’re making enough money, I promise! These are essentials, not luxury extras.
* Housekeeping was good, but one bar of soap and two tiny bottles for a 5 day stay? Stingy Disney!
* Just one chair to sit in, in a room for 4. Where are you supposed to sit & chill? Because believe me, you can’t do it on the high up double bed. We often resorted to sitting on the bottom bunk.I think we’re spoiled because we stayed at a Disney resort in Florida last year. Fridge, coffee maker, hair dryer, iron & ironing board, wifi, lovely comfortable beds, fresh toiletries & towels every single day, big rooms, 2 chairs & a table…….all for around the same price. This hotel is warm, cosy and looks great, but scratch beneath the surface and it lacks comfort and value. If you’re a family of 4 crammed into one of these rooms, the cowboy novelty wears off fast. Forget the boot lamp, how about a bed guests can sleep in?! The only thing that saved this place from zero stars is the fact that well, it’s Disney. The parks made up for the room and when we got tired, we popped into the Disneyland Hotel to use the wifi & take a load off. One day, we hope to get to stay there. We’ve stayed at both the Santa Fe & Sequoia Lodge. For comfort, I’d choose The Santa Fe. For theming, the Cheyenne. But if you can, find the extra €€€s and go to the Sequoia.