Disney Traditions


Paul & I are enthusiastic collectors of Jim Shore’s Disney Traditions.  Made from Polyresin, each piece is exclusively designed by Jim starting with the concept art and then painstakingly hand-painted and finished by artists using folk art techniques developed by Jim.   Jim’s attention to detail and involvement in the entire process ensure products with the look and feel of real wood and have a quality and level of detail that is unique in the industry.

At a last count, we were up to 30 pieces.  We still need to photograph (and insure!) them all, but here are some of our pieces so far.

31468_10152588574165652_2022250567_n 69689_10152588570550652_759551080_n 180996_10152588566075652_1763003979_n 207627_10152356194235652_96005881_n 736172_10152370960450652_1033405676_o 738163_10152370961520652_456952907_o 739852_10152370958305652_1965773938_o 740225_10152370954970652_1941982742_o 740826_10152370956800652_454182132_o 741156_10152370962770652_140918953_o


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