Disney Books

There are a great many books out there to choose from – guide books, eyewitness travel books, employee memoirs, history books and official Disney books. Below are some of the books we own and recommend.

The Pixar Treasures

This has to be one of the most amazing books out there, and it really is a treasure. Packed full of fantastic sketches, drawings, pictures, information, fold out section, removable postcards and pictures, exclusives, posters and so much more….we wholly recommend this book! £30 and upwards.

The Pixar Treasures


The Pixar Treasures


To infinity & Beyond

Another Pixar book, but with more written content and information.  The Pixar treasures is all about fold outs, quirky features and extras, whereas To Infinity & beyond tells more of the story and although it has great photos, it’s more text heavy.  It’s a nice, big, thick, hardback coffee table book that may not fit most bookshelves! From £30 and up.





The Art of Up

As this is my favorite Disney Pixar movie, I had to have this book and so Paul got it for me for Christmas 2012. I was not disappointed!! Such a beautiful book, with such great features as the many visions for Carl before settling on the one we know and love, inspirations for the story, storyboards and more.  This is such a lovely book but once again, it’s a coffee table dweller as I don’t think it will fit on a bookshelf – it doesn’t fit on ours! From £20 and up.

Carl & Ellie forever pink_heart






Now onto the book of all books.  Currently retailing at €115.00 this is a beast of a book!

Disneyland Paris – from sketch to reality

We don’t own this book – we only wish we did. All we can say is that we do hope to own it someday soon, once funds allow it! Click THIS link to learn more and in the meantime, here are some pictures to give you a taste of what’s inside this mammoth offering.

BOOKDLP dlp book 1- dlp book 2-


More coming soon!



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