We’re Lisa and Paul, a married couple from Nottingham in the UK and we travel as a family with our little Mouseketeer, Sam!


We have multiple trips to Florida, California & Paris under our belts….we even spent part of our 2010 LA honeymoon at Disney (what better place?!). We decided to create this website because we love all things Disney and feel we have lots of lovely knowledge, insights, ideas, tips and information to share with fellow Disney fans.

Lisa writes professionally for a living. She runs the marketing department, PR department and all social media channels for two companies, as well as being the owner of The Website Lady – a small business which creates clean & simple websites from as little as £50. She’s a writer for DisneyBrit and DisAfterDark.  She also made the website for the Dis Network which is looking mighty fine and is packed full of wonderful Disney stuff. She enjoys reading, movies, shopping, all things Disney and her favourite Disney vloggers are Justin Scarred, Adam the Woo, Tim & Jenn Tracker and The Neverland Family. She absolutely loves the Disney Pixar Movie, UP.

Paul counts numbers for a living (and is really good at it), but he seems to have even more talent when it comes to being a Podcaster  for the Con-Fusion Podcast and the DisAfterDark Podcast (which includes Dis after dark, Universal after Dark and Pop after dark). He’s also the host and creator of S.T.R.I.K.E. which is a Marvel Cinematic Universe Podcast.  In his spare time (ha ha!) he also writes for DisAfterDark and Dis Kingdom. Paul also takes some pretty stunning photos so if you’d like to see his Disney offerings, visit his website here. And as if all of that isn’t enough, Paul enjoys running and took part in the 2014 Wine & Dine half marathon as well as the inaugural Disneyland Paris half marathon.  He’s pretty good at this running lark! When it comes to movies, Paul loves all of the Toy Story movies.


If you’re here, then like us you probably love Disney – whether it be one aspect, one park, most of it or all of it…..something brought you here.  Our experience of Disney spans parks in 3 locations, a handful of hotels, lots of restaurants, as well as loving the movies and collecting various Disney merchandise.  We’re passionate about everything we do and with trips planned each year (or every other year), we feel we can continue to add to this site until we have built a comprehensive guide and destination for good information. We’re hoping you’ll find something useful here.

We’ve also done our research! We’ve read the Exposé books, the cast member memoirs, we’ve read about the ‘Darker’ side of Disney and then we’ve seen and experienced the magic with our own eyes.  So nobody ever dies ‘onstage’ at Disney.  So some of the staff get up to some things your 2 years old doesn’t need to know about. There might be hidden messages and secrets in the parks, not to mention a network of dreary, depressing underground tunnels beneath the Florida parks.  But, so what? You take away from a trip to Disney what you choose to take away and far from making us feel jaded and old, these stories just add to the history and experience as a whole. We still choose to see the magical side.


So, enjoy the website and take a look around. Navigation? Look under Florida & Paris for our hotel & restaurant reviews. Look under Walt if you want history and cool stories. News is continually added to the home page and we have a page dedicated to the Disney Vault that is very popular!

We hope you love it here at Magical Kingdoms of Walt.

Disney………..the most Magical place on earth?  We think so.

lisa paul








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