Disney Feelings

It’s been a while folks. Honestly I have struggled to put words down when it came to Disney during this lockdown period. While talking news etc on podcasts was fairly easy as there are no feelings attached to that, but when it came to more personal thoughts it was quite tough.

Why you ask? Well when you have 3 trips cancelled in that time period, it quite hard to detach from those feelings. First our family trip to Orlando in October was cancelled, mainly due to Disney pushing for a decision at the time (in all eventuality, the trip was completely cancelled by outside sources even if we had wanted to go)

Then I pinned my hopes on what would of been Run Disney at Disneyland Paris (the races themselves were cancelled early on during the COVID-19 pandemic), I picked up an annual pass through the website so I could book my park days, only then for a quarantine to be placed on people from the UK travelling to France, which for me was not possible to do.

I rebooked for the Christmas period, hoping that the quarantine would be lifted, only for both the UK and France to return to lockdown and DLP to close once more like it did earlier in the year.

So was feeling a bit sore from the disappointment of cancelled trips and really wasn’t feeling a connection with Disney at all.

But I have been working hard on looking at the bright side of life and with it has come a new enthusiasm for the parks despite not being able to visit until at least 2021.

My main connection to Disney over this period has been the NBA making Walt Disney World their home, to finish off their 2019/2020 season inside a self contained bubble on property. I was lucky to see my own team, The Los Angeles Lakers would go on to win their 17th NBA Championship at WDW. Not only that but Lakers centre JaVale McGee was releasing a regular vlog from the bubble, so had a real good connection with the team and Walt Disney World. https://www.youtube.com/c/JaValeMcGee

Lakers defeat Nuggets at Walt Disney World

My other continued connection as been a certain piece of merchandise that for long time I actively avoided, partly due to the fuss surrounding it and that it was very difficult to get here in the UK. Yes I’m talking spirit jerseys

And it all started with a little green guy from a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Yes, the child spirit jersey made an appearance on shopdisney.co.uk early in lockdown and the purchase was made. But it hasn’t been easy going in my quest to grow my collection.

Shop Disney have since stocked a few more over the last 6 months, strangely, mainly Disneyland branded ones, not DLP. I had a stumbling block, where I missed out on a Haunted Mansion one, as Disney didn’t put a purchase limit on a limited availability. But more I did purchase!!!

My 2nd jersey purchase was the retro neon Disneyland shirt ( again was available at both WDW and DLP, but our Shop Disney got DLR). Now I know it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I always feel Disney represents bright couloirs and this is exactly what this does.

And the second jersey from DLR was the Wishes Come True jersey in collaboration with Make A Wish Foundation, who celebrated 40 years of charity work. Over $500,000 was donated to Make A Wish from sales of this jersey. I felt this represented Disney in so many ways, from Fantasmic to the Disneyland Hotel, and had to have it.

Just in the last week Shop Disney did receive one of the Christmas jerseys, but honestly it was probably my least favourite of the three they have released this year. Now if anyone is looking from ShopDisney.co.uk, if you get this one in you have a sale.

So that’s it for now, I’m going to try and make this a weekly blog, and talk about anything that takes my fancy. Next week I think I will dive into Christmas a little more with some more merchandise and food offerings and maybe some other bits that grab my attention.