MKOW supporting small businesses #1

Today is the first day in a new series where we will be putting the spotlight onto small, independent businesses who are offering unique, and awesome Disney inspired products whilst offering value for money.

Tales of Toria is an online shop selling Disney inspired soaps and bath bombs.  They also have some Harry Potter inspired items, which we also love! Prices start from just £2.50 and postage and packing charges are super reasonable.

These soaps are so gorgeous – beautifully designed, hand made, wonderfully scented and they have real lasting power.  I often find I spend £4-5 on a Lush product and it’s gone in a couple of uses.  Soaps from Tales of Toria last and last and last, all the while making your bathroom look and smell awesome!

On our first order, we received the Little Mermaid soap, the Pooh bear soap, some Pixie dust and some bath bombs.  We were genuinely happy with everything. During lockdown, this felt like a real treat to ourselves and of course, nothing could be better right now than buying products that help to keep you clean!

Everything arrived individually wrapped in cute bags, and once we took the soaps out, they were hygienically wrapped in plastic. Each product is labelled with an ingredient list, full description and product information, which I love.

We enjoyed our order so much that we decided to order again.  My 7 year old kept using my soaps because they’re so much fun and smell so nice so we decided to order a Chocolate Frog soap to keep him happy! We also ordered the Pineapple whip soap, The UP Soap AND a limited edition Father’s day box for Paul.  Our second order was as good as the first – everything so well made and so carefully wrapped and packaged. The Father’s day box is so, so awesome – great value for money, so imaginative and perfect for fans of Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy. Sam loves his chocolate frog soap which is good, it means the amazing smelling Pineapple whip soap it all mine!

Cool Links:
Check out the Tales of Toria website here ►
You can have a look at the Facebook page here ►
…and find them on Instagram here ►

Keep your eyes peeled on all social media as you will be first to know when they have a restock.  Soaps are handmade fresh so they’re made in batches that sell out quickly! So stay in the loop so you don’t miss out.

Take a look at some of the fantastic products on offer below: