Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction

For the last few years, Shop Disney have launched a monthly limited edition collection of merchandise with one theme running for the 12 months of the year and 2020 is no different.
Front and centre this year is Mickey’s gal, Minnie Mouse.

Not only are we celebrating Minnie, but she will be celebrating some of the classic theme park attractions that Disney have created down the years.

Starting this past week, the collection launched with Minnie blasting off to space, with the opening selection taking it’s cue from Space Mountain.

Collectable Space Mountain Minnie Mouse
Space Mountain Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears
Space Mountain Minnie Mouse Pins
Space Mountain Mug
Loungefly Minnie Mouse Space Mountain Mini Backpack

And if you are lucky to be in the parks….

Minnie Mouse Space Mountain Magic Band

Next month, Minnie takes to the High Seas as she celebrates another classic attraction