Farewell DLP…..For Now

Five years ago I took my first delve into regular visits to Disneyland Paris. We had been visiting on and off for 4 or so years before hand, but it would be a special trip for more than a few days at a time.

With the 25th anniversary around the corner and the first Run Disney France race weekend, I dived in and got my first annual pass that would not only cover those two events, but also the following race weekend (DLP’s annual passes run slightly longer than 12 months.. no idea why).

I was lucky enough that I was there on the 25th anniversary itself as well as also taking a family trip (which coincided with the day the Walt Disney Company made the final purchase of the Disneyland Paris Resort, having only being a part owner previously due to the deal they made when the Resort was approved, more on this in a bit!!)

I allowed my first pass to expire, I had enjoyed my year but had no plans to return until Year 3 of Run Disney France. So i proceeded through that year with no visits to DLP until once again it was race weekend. An AP was once again purchased, again covering year 3 (which was spent with my Discover DLP Co-Host Nic) and 4 of the races. I fitted in a visit with Sam, my son, early in the new year, but again that was two days in the parks, very similar to race weekends.

Year 4 came and once again I allowed my pass to expire, due to our podcast trip to Orlando just the following week. I assumed I would get to year 5 and again would purchase a pass, but year 4 gave me pause for thought.

Now as I said WDC now own the park out right and the parks were very much in need of TLC. Don’t get me wrong I still felt the magic for the most parts but all was not right. And during that visit this past September I felt the brunt of what was going on. While Parc Disneyland doesn’t need too much doing, it is still very empty in some parts, but that I can cope with cause that hasn’t change in the near decade I have been visiting.

No it was the 2nd Park, Walt Disney Studios, that I felt sad in. While this park has never been to the standard of all other parks, it at least had some good attractions and some charm to it. That felt lost in September. With half the park closed off to visitors as well as many other attractions closed. It felt very hollow.

While I am excited for what is to come in that park at the moment it holds nothing for me. Crush’s Coaster is not a favourite, Toy Story Playland just reeks of off the shelf attractions, and while the theming in Place De Remy is great, I will get to go on the attraction in Epcot this Autumn.

So sadly the parks don’t warrant value for money. Add to that closures of hotels (for now Hotel New York, to be followed swiftly by the Disneyland Hotel) prices are high if you want to stay on property.

So after year 5 of the races, I will be probably keeping my distance from the parks for a while. If the rumoured introduction of a new nighttime parade (Paint the Night maybe) then that might change my opinion. but for now I think I am done with visiting DLP for a while possibly skipping the opening of the Marvel land and waiting for the lake and Frozen land to come on line in a few years.

If it wasn’t for the fact I am aiming to be perfect on the 1st five years of the races I may possibly not of even done that.

I will still obviously be keeping my eyes on the parks cause I only want what is best for the resort and will continue to co-host Discover DLP, but for now I will leave the park going to my co-host Nic.

There is still plenty for me to discover at DLP, but with the state of the resort at this current time it is just very difficult to enjoy it, especially trying to fit it in around races, meaning I lose most of the mornings.

So for now, Au Revoir Disneyland Paris, thanks for all the great memories over the last 5 years, I will be back to enjoy more in depth trips in the future!!!