Disney Throwback Thursday:Enchanted Tales With Belle

Considering this is a big thing in the social media world, I thought I would expand on this and write some things about it. I love my Disney history, so love me some throwback. And I thought what could I do and my conclusion was, lets write about an attraction that opened around the date this article will make it’s appearance.

Now the first one doesn’t take us back that far, to December 6 2012, to Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. Replacing a very similar attraction, came Enchanted Tales With Belle.

Found in the shadows of Beast’s Castle, tucked away is Belle’s Cottage. Inside you will find a fun, interactive experience.

You make your entrance in to Maurice’s workshop and are met by a magic mirror, a gift from Beat to Maurice to enable him to visit his daughter in the castle whenever he wanted to. The mirror quickly shows its self to the guests as a portal which transports you to the castle.

Once inside the castle you encounter many of Belle’s friends including the wardrobe. It’s at this point some of you will be chosen to take part in a performance for the Princess. (Children and adults alike)

And then the real magic happens as you a enter the famous library of the castle where you are met by the one and only Lumiere (a favourite animatronic of mine). Belle then joins you for the performance, dressed in the beautiful gown from the ballroom scene in the film.

The chosen guests perform their parts, but those not chosen also get to take part in the story of Belle and Beast, oohh-ing and arrgh-ing.

And at the end everyone gets the chance to met Belle and get their photo taken with her, row by row.

Thankfully this show is still based on the dearly loved animated version of the 1990’s, as are the rest of the Beauty and the Beast attractions in New Fantasyland (Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern).

While some may not see it as a state of the art attraction compared to some of the other that came from the Fantastyland refurbishment, I personally think it is a great mix of storytelling, special effects and some of that special Disney Magic that you can only find from a Disney Princess.