Favourite People Watching Spot-Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is stunning for the most part, but some lands can be very jumbled and quite hectic.

While I love the hustle and bustle of Main Street USA, it can be quite tiresome fighting the crowds. Aventureland has some very unneeded paths that lead you to dead ends, while also making it very difficult to find attractions like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril as well as Pirates of the Caribbean.

Fantasyland, while taking features from the original land in Anaheim, is very jumbled, again finding attractions hidden away from plain sight as well as dumping attractions in areas they don’t really fit. Another major problem with Fantasyland is with how busy it can get. With such popular attractions for young families, there is lots dodging around said families as well as the randomly dropped attractions (something Walt Disney World also suffers from).

Saying that it is also one of the areas where I can find a quiet spot just to take a breather and really enjoy the magic of Disneyland Paris.

Over by the Entrance/Exit of Fantasyland on the Discoveryland side is a row of benches. Primarily put there for people to enjoy a parade, outside of that time these benches tend to be quiet.

My spot is opposite Pizzeria Bella Notte and Fantasia Gelati. While it is obviously a thoroughfare people are normally on their way somewhere else, rather than looking for something to do. Unless you are heading to either of those eateries, you scamper past.

But for that reason it is a great place to just chill and watch everybody enjoying the Disney magic. And if you look towards Small World to your right, you may get lucky and see one of your favourite characters heading on or off stage. Especially look out for a princess or two as they use the parade gates to the left of Small World to bring them out to the Princess Pavillion in Fantasyland.

While it may not seem so exciting when there are no attractions nearby, this is about taking a break and breathing the magic in.

After the half marathon in September, despite it pouring with rain, I still took the time out to sit under my umbrella, watching all the different reactions to people experience Disney in the rain.

So that is my first quiet, relaxing, people watching spots of Disneyland Paris. I have a few more to come so keep a look out for those in the future.

And also let me know if you have any favourite spots across the resort. Would to know how you take the time out at DLP