New Podcast-A British Boy’s Blighty

Now you may say ‘Another podcast? You can’t even record the ones you already have’ But there is a reason I am launching another one.

While we love Disney, and is a massive passion of ours, living in the UK makes it difficult. With visits limited, even though I try to get to Paris as often as I can, not having feet on the ground can prove to be a challenge when writing, recording and talking about said passion.

That being said, the plan is to relaunch the MKOW podcast in the coming weeks, as we jump feet first into planning our 10th Wedding anniversary trip to Florida next year, featuring both myself and a return to the podcast of Lisa.

But on the back of a few trips around the UK in recent months I felt I am currently just as well equipped to talk about our travels around our own beautiful British Isles.

So without further ado, I am pleased to say my new show, A British Boy’s Blighty, talking about my travels around Great Britain.

While it has started as a solo show, it won’t always be that way. I have guests lined up already to talk about their travels as well.

But starting off, 3 shows have been published this weekend as a solo host, talking a trip to Windsor and the very local to the town centre, the Legoland Resort Windsor (including a show featuring a little bit of history surrounding Legoland).

We have also recently spent a week in Devon in the South West of England, which will spread across multiple episodes due to the length of the trip, which I am looking forward to you all enjoying.

But before we touch on Devon, I will be please to welcome my After Dark Podcast Network co-host, Craig Lucas, to the show, to talk his yearly trip north of the boarder to Scotland and talking about his journeys, his favourite haunts and where he loves to stay.

While we launch a new podcast, everything else regarding our travel will remain on the same channels, so photos will stay on our regular Instagram account, as will any videos, which will go on our MKOW Youtube channel (look out for a room tour from the Legoland Hotel very soon). I have set up a new Facebook page which will house links to those other channels as well as links to the podcast. The Facebook page can be found here:

To find the podcast follow this link. It is currently being processed by Anchor to go on all good podcast apps, but at the moment Anchor is the best place to find the show:

Thank you for sticking with us and hopefully you will enjoy the upcoming content