Galaxy’s Edge Review

So as mentioned on my previous post, during our trip to Orlando, we went along to Hollywood Studios and had a visit to Black Spire Outpost.

Now we weren’t always going to visit Disney. Originally when we booked, Galaxy’s Edge wasn’t going to be open when we made the trip. That changed and our plans flip flopped over the months.

We originally considered booking a hotel for the night, to get the early entry at 6am, to make sure that we got a clean run to Baatu. We decided against that just due to cost, having already shelled out and we kind of let the idea go.

That was until reservations for Oga’s Cantina, the Droid Depot and Savi’s Workshop. Now with the trip being short we actually only had hand luggage, so the lightsaber building was out. I had already promised Sam that we would build a droid together when we visit, so that ruled that out. So Oga’s was the choice. Nic from Dis After Dark was the other person who was toying with the idea of joining me, but as I said we had kind of dropped the idea of going, due to cost and the fact there was a ride missing.

But I went ahead and got us a reservation at Oga’s just in case. That was the catalyst for us going into Hyperdrive, in booking a day at Hollywood Studios

I previously mentioned we had Fastpasses first thing in the morning, our Oga’s reservation was at 1 in the afternoon. So basically once those rides were done in the morning, we headed to Galaxy’s Edge.

I will start with saying we entered via entrance next to Muppet Vision 3D, despite hearing that was the best entrance to use, the juxtaposition of entering from there via the tunnel is very weird. Not only that, you enter in the part of the land where nothing is going on. That will change once Rise of the Resistance opens, as the entrance to the attraction is to the left as soon as you enter.

To start with we knew we didn’t have a lot of time between coming in and our reservation at Oga’s we knew that getting on Smuggler’s Run would have to wait until after. But we did take a wander round the land, and my that reveal!!!

Now on to Oga’s. I have heard people say that it’s not the easiest place to find. Just look for the queue

On to the experience, the warning that space is tight is no exaggeration. We were warned as we entered that we would be standing, not only that, but we would be sharing our table with others.

Overall the interaction was great, except for an issue with Nic paying for a drink and his card not working. The server failed to actually tell him what the issue was, because he refused to break character. We actually worked out the issue ourselves and paid. So that was kind of difficult, understandable but not the best service.

On to the drinks. I was so hot I couldn’t face alcohol. So my first drink was a Hyperdrive (Punch It) which is POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast, White Cranberry Juice, Black Cherry Purée, and Sprite. A strange mixture but refreshing none the less.

My second drink, rather than try it from the milk stand, was the Blue Bantha, which is the blue milk with a sugar cookie (which you can’t get from the stand). I can honestly say I enjoyed the blue milk. Flavour wise it reminded me of the sweet, Fruit Salad.

The whole experience was made better by a little droid some of you may have travelled at light speed to Endor with. He was spinning some tunes for us.

Overall a good experince, not one that I feel the need to do each time, but will be taking the family to next year. (Sam has been singing the Cantina song for months now!!)

So on to the big guy. Smuggler’s Run was up over an hour’s wait by the time we got ready to fly that hunk of junk. But not for the single rider it was. Nic and I had already decided if that was the best way to experience it, then thats what we would do.

And experience we did, twice. Can I just say anyone’s experience can be heavily influenced by who else riding the attraction at the same time as you.

My first flight was superb, with pilots and gunners who really got involved (we found that if are a single rider you are likely to get an engineer role). We did fantastic and I managed to get a perfect score.

Second flight was appalling. I was put in with a family of five, parents, two kids and the grand mother. One of the kids and the father were the pilots. Literally as soon as the flight started, the child was screaming and crying. The grand mother had no interest in taking part. So overall that second go round was dreadful. Despite all that I still hit 100%

I for one am a fan of the ride, and if that is what they are considering a C-D ticket I am very excited for Rise of the Resistance.

We decided that 2 rides was enough at the point and moved on. We considered eating but thought heading back to Universal would be the better option for. So did a little shopping. The shops are well themed, with great cast member. Variation on goods weren’t as good as I was expecting. I actually ended up by the usual stuff, t-shirts, pins’ lanyards rather than anything unique (maybe next time when I have more time.

Lat purchase was one of arrabesh themed drinks bottles and on a hot day what is better than some Sprite

I did feel one thing lacking, character interaction. There was no sign of Rey, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren or the newly introduced Rebel Spy character. We did see a couple of stormtroopers and the General Hux type character but that was it.

Galaxy’s Edge is obviously fairly new and is still finding it’s feet, but considering that, I thought the experience was great, but with room still grow. I am looking forward to visiting a fully functioning land in 2020

But until then….Bright Suns!!!!