One Day in Hollywood Studios

While visiting Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights, I felt it was only right that I pay a visit to Hollywood Studios for a day.

Now this park has always been my favourite, probably because it was the first Disney park I ever visited. But there were other reasons. It always felt it had a bit of magic about it. From the old school Hollywood feel as you entered, to the Sorcerer’s hat (yes I know a lot of people hated it) One Man’s Dream, which was possibly the most Walt related thing in any Disney park to the Osborne Christmas Lights. That is not even taking into account some of the best attractions Disney have to offer, including The Great Movie Ride.

I am going to be up front and honest, this visit was quite hard to stomach. With so much of my favourite stuff gone it was hard to take.

I am going to start with the god awful stage that sits in front of The Chinese Theater. People complained about the hat sitting there but at least it was iconic. The stage that sits there now is neither iconic or useful (now Galaxy’s Edge is open why do we need Star Wars else where!!)

One Man’s Dream has become half the attraction it used to be, now being used as a meet and greet and a trailer cinema. Come on I can sit at home and watch Maleficent 2 trailers if I want.

On to the loss of Streets of America, the former home of the Osborne Christmas Lights. That area including Baseline Tap House is one of the most non-descript theme park lands I have come across. Muppet Vision 3D has become something that is left to stand out like a sore thumb and really left to die a pitiful death, as people bypass it to head to Black Spire Outpost.

The newly revamped Incredibles Pixar Place is again a really cheap overlay, I literally stopped to get a Joffrey’s coffee and that was all I got from it. Unlike the Pixar Pier revamp, Pixar Place is home to some meet and greets (which used to be housed in the Animation Building, that is home to, again, the un-needed Star Wars Launch Bay) and very little else.

Now on to attractions. Great Movie Ride is gone and it’s replacement still months away from opening, so currently the Chinese Theater sits unused.

And with that currently the 3 rides that really attract anybody (outside of Galaxy’s Edge) sit in the top tier of Fastpass+. We managed to get Tower of Terror for our first pass and then single ridered Rock n Roller Coaster. Outside of that the only real ride not in the top tier is Alien Swirling Saucers. All other Tier 2 attractions are more or less a show. We took in both Muppet Vision and Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular as our passes

We took a rather unimpressed look around Toy Story Land, deciding it was just an enlarged version of Paris’ own Toy Story Playland. The lack of shade is still a massive problem, as soon as we left the land we cooled down. The queue for what is a family coaster in Slinky Dog Dash was too much and Alien Swirling Saucers was just not worth the wait.

This park used to be about the details, but that seems to have gone. To be honest the cast members weren’t much better.

Things are a little different when it comes to Galaxy’s Edge, but that story is for another day.