Run Disney France Trip Planning-Day 2

So day 2 obviously begins with running a half marathon. Previous years have entailed me running Friday-Sunday, but this year due to other trips (trip planning for those coming soon) I have reduced the trip to running just the half marathon on the Sunday morning.

I am hoping to finish quick enough to head back to the hotel and grab a late breakfast, shower up and head back to the parks.

My plan is obviously to take it slow after a 13.1 mile run, some photography for Instagram and here. But I am going to take advantage of another festival that is currently running in Walt Disney Studios, Le Rendez-vous Gourmand.

Now it was on last year during race weekend but due an earlier leaving time after the race, I actually didn’t partake in any of the available goodies.

What I did do for The After Dark Podcast Network Youtube channel was take a wander around the kiosks before opening.

This year I will be testing some of the great items at the festival this year, and will be filming my reactions and reviews over on our Youtube channel.

While I am in the Studios, I will also visit one of my favourite shows I have ever seen at a Disney park, Mickey and the Magician. Such a quality production that I make sure I see every time I visit (be aware this show only operates 7-8 months of the year)

While the Studios is currently under massive construction (Armageddon has been demolished, Rock n Roller Coaster is under refurb to become an Iron Man coaster, Art of Animation is in the process of getting a Frozen overlay etc) I still love the atmosphere of the studios and can spend our photographing it, so I am not sure if I will venture back to the Disneyland Park before I leave.

One Place I will visit before I leave will The Disneyland Hotel. The grand flagship hotel of the Disneyland Paris Resort, is the perfect place to stop and relax, soak in the atmosphere, enjoy a drink in The Fantasia Bar. With the hotel set to close a major refurbishment later in 2020, I want to take my opportunity to enjoy it in it’s current version.

And from there I will be heading home. I managed to get the direct Eurostar back to Kings Cross for the same price as on the indirect train, so gave me a little longer in the parks.

That will be my last trip of the year, so that means the end of my annual pass until 2020. With the announcement of a 2nd race weekend next year, I will get another pass that will covers those days both in 2020 and 2021 as well as the normal race weekend in September 2020