D23 Expo Parks & Resorts- My Feelings

So everywhere is reporting on every little detail from the Parks & Resorts panel yesterday at D23 Expo, but I thought I would look at some of the announcements at a more personal level.

Let’s start with with a couple of the announcements that really hit me in the feels

First up, one of the major additions to Epcot, and that is the expansion to the UK pavilion with Cherry Tree Lane and Mary Poppins. This has been rumoured on and off for years, but was fairly unexpected this time round.

For any one who knows me, know the Magical Nanny and The Banks Family are a big thing for me. I collect Mary Poppins memorabilia and rank it in the top 1 of movies.

So when Bob Chapek welcomed chimney sweeps on stage, followed by the legend that is Dick Van Dyke, I broke down. Something was brewing!!

Now I expected an attraction possibly, but to see the plan was to create Cherry Tree Lane, well I couldn’t ask for more

I will be honest, I was let down once I saw the 2nd piece of concept art included Emily Blunt’s Mary Poppins, rather than Dame Julie Andrews. Also the descriptions were very vague but that was the general feeling about the whole panel.

The second Epcot announcement was the introduction of Dreamer, a new statue of Walt Disney in a new area of the park. I feel Walt should have a presence in each park, so I very happy with that

Staying at Epcot, we move to Moana-Journey of Water. Epcot has always been know for its unique water features and this is no different. Moana became a fast favourite in our household, so I am sure the attraction will do as well

Moving the Hollywood Studios area, Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser. The concept of an all encompassing interactive resort has long intrigued me. To have a franchise like Star Wars that has such depth created over nearly 50 years, gives this project such a jump start, this could be the most impressive project Parks & Resorts have produced.

Moving to Disneyland (& Disneyland Paris), Avengers Campus. You have been brought in to help the Avengers protect the Earth from the dangers of Galaxy. Being the massive Marvel fan that I am, I was super excite before we knew everything. Now we know more I can’t wait to join the Avengers. The Spider-Man attraction sound great. Seemingly using technology similar to The Ninjago Ride at Legoland here in the UK, I’m looking forward the interactivity of the ride.

The E-ticket Avengers attraction for Disneyland sounds exciting if not once again very vague.

For Paris Marvel wise, more details on the revamp of The Hotel New York, which will be getting a Marvel overlay. We got more details on character themed suites, including this Spider-Man one

I felt the overseas parks were neglected altogether, with Paris including Marvel, despite that being only a small portion of a 6 year expansion of Walt Disney Studios. While the 3 Asian parks featuring 1 upgrade each.

Overall it’s all very exciting if not lacking in detail. But Mary Poppins saves the day