Run Disney France Trip Planning-Day 1

While I have talked about my upcoming trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, I have a trip a few days before. A return trip to Disneyland Paris (at last)!!

I am there for the Run Disney France Half Marathon. While previously I have taken part in the 5k and 10k as well as the half marathon, with the trip to Orlando taking place just 4 days afterwards, this year’s race weekend has had to be truncated .

That being said I am making the most of trip, the same as last year I am travelling over by coach during the night, arriving just as Extra Magic Time begins (I am an annual pass holder, so despite staying off site, I have access to EMT)

Now I have lots of plans for content across the channel, and that begins with EMT. I looked at the list of available attractions during that hour and fancied something different, so I am going to attempt Princess Pavilion for the first time. Being the father of young boy who loves Marvel and Star Wars characters etc it’s not really a go to attraction, but looking for new content for the vlog etc I thought this would be a good opportunity.

I plan on getting some more on ride videos as well, I want to get the new version of Pirates of the Caribbean on camera, but that will have to wait until it opens with the park (not all the attractions open during EMT).

I have also only been on Hyperspace Mountain once as I was disappointed in the Star Wars overlay. Saying that I think it is time to take another trip to a galaxy far, far away and get that on the Youtube as well.

Now for those of you who don’t know, I love the Disneyland Railroad, both in Paris and Disneyland. Sadly Paris’ version is closed (again!!), so that is out of the equation, but I have never been on The Main Street Vehicles so I also plan to taking a drive right down the middle of Main Street USA

The big thing at Disneyland Paris currently is The Lion King and Jungle Festival. This continues on until the race weekend. So I am going to be taking in all of this on my trip. This includes three new shows, Timon’s Matadance over in Adventureland, The Jungle Book Jive on Main Street Central Plazza and the big addition, in the new Frontierland Theater, The Lion King: Rhythm of the Pridelands, a West End level musical production, featuring the beloved music of The Lion King

Until I have some footage, take a look this show DLP put on at Gare De Lyon Train Station for an idea of what this show is

Not only that, there are some great snacks and drinks for this season. I intend on trying some of these, for your viewing pleasure of course!!

Lastly for the day, I have booked Hunter’s Grill at Sequoia Lodge for my evening meal. This is a great buffet meal, which works perfectly for me the night before my race, so look for an upcoming review of the restaurant.

Finally I will be laying my head down, before the race, at Hôtel Campanile Val de France (formerly the Kyriad Hotel Disneyland Paris). While not on property, it is close enough that I can walk to the parks fairly quickly and is a lot cheaper than any of the Disneyland Paris Resort hotels (this is a Good Neighbour Hotel), so look out for a room/hotel review

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