Halloween Horror Nights Luck

I don’t commit to being a Halloween Horror Nights expert in any way shape or form, I have kept my ear to the ground regarding it since my first visit to the event at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2007 and a second trip in 2011.

I have been very lucky with the intellectual properties that have been included during these visits. In 2007, the main IPs were Freddie Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface, all from an era of horror that I love.

In 2011, I was again lucky, this time the event featured the likes of Scream, Wolfman and the The Thing, all top top IPs.

And to top that off, both years Bill & Ted’s Halloween Adventure was still running.

But I think my luck has only got better….

This year, the Dis/Universal After Dark team are rolling out to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida. This will be my first visit to the event and man have they blown my mind with the IP they have chosen this year.

The first IP announcement was Stranger Things, creating a house based on both season 2 and 3, following the show’s first appearance at the 2018 event, designed to recreate season one of the Netflix monster.

I was excited but it wasn’t something that really got me thinking ‘oh god, I can’t wait’. No, not cause I don’t enjoy the show, but felt the sophomore season dropped slightly in quality. But this all changed after the release of the newest season. Now I am buzzed to see what they can conjure up, from some wonderful sets from that latest season.

Now the 2nd announcement was a different kettle of fish. If you look back through Universal’s history, there isn’t anything that be claimed to be much more iconic than this property. And a property that I love.

The Universal Monsters are a massive part of my Horror background, and to see the likes of Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, Wolf Man, Creature From The Black Lagoon etc brought to life in this form is a bit of a dream come true.

When it comes to being an 80’s kid, the latest announcement would grab anyone’s fancy. A cult film not like many others. They kept the residents of New York safe from manifestations like Stay Puft Man, Gozer, Zuul, Vigo and Slimer.

Who Ya Gonna Call???

All in all so far I couldn’t ask for more, for my first visit to Orlando’s version of the event. Are any of you going be enjoying the event this year

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