Main Street Electrical Parade Glows….Again

We have all mourned the loss of The Main Street Electrical Parade on multiple occasions… and you will get your chance once more this summer.

Starting August 2nd, the parade will run night through to September 30th and will see the return of all the old favourites.

I love MSEP as much as the next person but it really does feel like it’s stretching it a bit to bring it back again.

Just 4 years ago, the wonderful Electrical Parade replacement, Paint The Night, was introduced for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary, yet after the celebrations the parade has only been used intermittently.

But this wasn’t the first iteration of Paint The Night to be introduced. some 6 months before the parade was introduced at Hong Kong Disneyland. And to this day it continues to operate daily.

I don’t quite understand what has happened to the newer version in California, is there an issue with it, something that wasn’t quite right with the structure of the units??

Or is there something more to it. Currently there are two Disney parks which have previously had night time parades that don’t run one at this moment in time

Firstly Disneyland Paris, a few years off their 30th Anniversary, recently became fully owned by The Walt Disney Company and slowly building towards fitting in with the rest of the theme park catalogue. They haven’t had a full night time parade since Fantillusion ended in 2012 (itself a replacement for The Main Street Electrical Parade that now makes it’s return to Disneyland)

And then you come to Magic Kingdom in Orlando. They lost the Main Street Electrical Parade back in October 2016, so are due to pass the 1000 night mark with out a parade. They are inching towards their 50th Anniversary in just 2 years time.

Will we see the Paint The Night making it’s way to either of these parks, who knows, but currently it sits gathering mothballs in the Disney Archives and is a massive waste

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