Where Does The Time Go?

Two years ago today, we made our last family trip to a Disney park. Believe me when I say we didn’t want such a big gap between trips, but real life became a priority.

Sam started school, so it became a case of school holidays only (so expensive compared to other times of the year). Not only that last year became the year of buying a house (yes we had to become adults for a little) and this year has been spent catching up from buying said house.

I have had a few solo, couple of days, trips in those past two years, mainly for Run Disney and Sam and I made a boys trip earlier, which was marvelous for both of us.

But nothing beats sharing the magic with the entire family!!

That trip to Disneyland Paris in June 2017 was spectacular. Lovely weather (compared to today, it was simply tropical!!). Parks were busy, but not overly so. We spent four days in Disney heaven staying at The Newport Bay Hotel (our first stay there and leaving only the New York and Disneyland Hotel to try) during it’s final stages of it’s refurb (rooms were done but main lobby was still be worked on)

Memories that will stay with us for ever include an afternoon spent in the superb Newport Bay Hotel swimming pool. We had the hotel breakfast one morning, which was fantastic. And we just generally enjoyed the time in the parks, without rushing from here to there.

Also it was Sam’s first real experience of Disney, when he could convey what he was feeling. We got to try rides and attractions he had never been on.

The other thing that happened was something we did or experienced, but on this day 2 years ago Disney officially reclaimed Disneyland Paris as their own, having only been a partner in the Park previously. On a warm European evening, I sat in the Main Street Arcades, contemplating what was happening and what was to come and we are beginning to see the effects of that deal now24 months later.

As you will all be aware we are finally planning a trip to Walt Disney World, were we haven’t been since November 2014, but Paris has become a home for us all since then, hopefully we can make a trip out there between now and next October, so see all the exciting happenings.

In the meantime check out some of our pictures from that last trip to DLP