I have noticed in recent months that a lot more Disney rumour sites have popped up, alongside already set up pages looking for more hits.

While some of these may be true, a lot of these rumours seem to be completely left field in their subjects.

Now despite being part of a fairly large British based Disney podcast for 3 years or so, a show that is heading towards quarter of a century of episodes, we have no contacts within the company. I have no idea if they are being fed these rumours or whether they are fabricating them, but my god there is a lot of rubbish out there

I am not going to go into who or what, but you can probably read between the lines. One or two rumours have caught my eye in recent weeks. One regarding a massive structure in Orlando, which is home to at least 3 attractions, one of which got a re theme to a Disney property not so long ago, one which went through a massive refurb very very recently and another that is a big fan favourite, as well as the home of a great quick service restaurant. The rumour claimed that the entire building would be demolished, except for the recently refurbed attraction. This has now been completely denied, so thats one that has proven to be rubbish.

The 2nd, which I feel is an even bigger pile of rubbish, is that of a chance that we will say goodbye to an absolute classic attraction at Disneyland being removed. The way the parks are at the moment, where everything is about synergy, this attraction is found in more or less every resort across the world. In no way do I believe Disney would get rid of this attraction anywhere, let alone the original version.

And the 3rd rumour is something that has been doing the rounds ever since I started podcasting. One that could be repeated over and over again and would eventually come true. I just don’t think the parks are in a position where this would be their priority.

I am not one to get wound up about this sort of thing, but when fans are being fed stuff that clearly isn’t correct, while there are people like us who desperately trying and keep them updated with correct information, it gets quite annoying

I will stand to be corrected if these things come true, but I just don’t see it