Which Club level? Decisions, decisions!

OCTOBER 2020 – We are BOOKED!

We will finally making our way back to the happiest place on earth, and our family is so excited! This time, we have booked a villa in the Indian Wells community (10 minute drive to Disney).

However,  we are still staying with Disney, on property for a couple of nights. The day we land, we’ll be booking into Disney’s cheapest value resort (all Star Music?) as we literally just need hot water and a comfortable place to lay our head and get over the jetlag. But on the second night (after a day at Epcot), we are heading to a deluxe concierge level room. Exciting, right?! Yes, but also….argh!! So many choices, so many decisions! I have lost count of the amount of YouTube videos we’re watched, checking out the rooms, the club level lounges, the extras (shout out to all the channels who thoughtfully vlogged on these to help us make our decision – a Claireytale, Bookish Princess). After much research, then more research and after changing our minds many, many times, we decided that if we are paying £500 for one night, we may as well be as close to the Magic Kingdom as possible. So Contemporary resort, you are a winner!

You can walk to the Magic Kingdom from this resort, but we are so taking the Monrail! After all, as it stops in the hotel, it would be rude not to! I for one am looking forward to getting up, walking to the monorail and arriving at MK all within 10 minutes!

So our plan is to land, get the Magical Express to the value resort, grab dinner and crash. Paul might have the energy to go to a park….I will have the energy to eat and sleep! In the morning, we’ll pass our baggage to the front desk (they will move it to the Contemporary for us) and then we’ll head off to a character breakfast at (the Bon Voyage Meal at the Trattoria Al Forno (Disney’s Boardwalk).

From there, we can then walk International Gateway into Epcot! We’ll spend a nice few hours in the park, before heading across to the contemporary to check in when we’re tired and ready! Once we are there, we intend to make full use of the food and drink at the Club lounge, as well as watching the MK fireworks from the very same lounge! We’ll have breakfast in the lounge the next morning  and even though we will check out that day, we’ll still have use of the lounge all day (yay!). So we’ll go to MK but pop back as and when we need to. And once we’re done for the day, our hire care will arrive so we can go and check into our Villa for 7 days. The day we check out of the villa, we’re headed to Universal’s Hard Rock Hotel so we can hit up the other parks. Hogwarts, here I come.

It sounds perfect. We can’t wait!