Pirates of the Caribbean-Un Tresor D’Attraction

Now as most of you will know I am obsessed with Disney history, I would class myself as a historian but a history buff, that stores information that most people wouldn’t care about.

So when I found out there were two books about two of the major classic attractions, Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, I got excited. Written by former imagineer, current Creative director at Universal Studios Florida and acquaintance through podcasting, Jason Surrell, these books told the history of both attractions through all their various incarnations. I was lucky that I was bought the Haunted Mansion one as a gift and was such a wonderful read. Sadly I have never been able to get a copy of the Pirates of Caribbean one, as it is now out of print.

So when i heard Disneyland Paris were doing there own version of this I got very excited. Now this was a book that was meant to be published for the Resort’s 25th Anniversary in 2017, but only a select few got them at the time.

I was every so pleased to get wind of fact that eventually the book would be released to the public in March 2019, just a mere weeks before I was due to visit. Only to be disappointed again when they seemingly sold out within hours. But luckily a restock happened a few days before I arrived.

The very beautiful Pirates of the Carribean-Un Tresor D’Attraction

The book gives you a little history on the original attraction in Disneyland, but quickly moves on the to Disneyland Paris version

It tells the story of the planning, the changes to the ride’s story and of every nook and cranny in the ride and delves into what it takes to build an attraction of this size.

It also delves in to the restaurant that is housed within the ride, once The Blue Lagoon, now captured by the Infamous captain Jack Sparrow

Talking about Captain Jack, the book also goes into detail about how the original ride influenced the multi billion dollar movie franchise, for those movies to then influence refurbs of the ride, Paris in particular, with the introduction of Jack to the story line, as well as the mist screen at the top of the drop, that showcases two of the major villains in the franchise, Davy Jones and Captain Teach AKA Blackbeard. But for anyone that knows the Paris attraction knows the best is saved to last, with the darklight infused Captain Barbosa animatronic, that is exclusive to Paris, as we float towards the end of the attaction

For anyone that loves Disney history or have a love for Pirates of the Caribbean, this is a book you cannot miss. The book it’s self may not be expansive but it features great information, as well as looking stunning, with some great visual items in it.

And remember there is another book to come in this line, a Phantom Manor book is to follow later this year, which will be interesting to see what it feature after a nearly 18 month refurbishment the ride has had.

But for now….

Bring Me That Horizon!!!