The Tale of Two…

Many of you may have noticed that we have been quite lately, well lets start with the bad news

Mainly due to time and available funds, vlogging just isn’t working for us (or me in most cases) We tried all different avenues, from only filming when we were at Disney (not enough content), trying to get to different places in the UK (spending too much time worrying about what we where filming, rather than actually doing stuff we wanted to do) and also just regular weekend home vlogs (just felt forced) and in general just not actually enjoying our time as a family. I’m not overly comfortable with it all any way and really need more time actually at Disney learning what I need to do to be a theme park vlogger. We are still planning more trips to Disneyland Paris later on in the year and we may add some ride through videos to our Youtube channel and stuff like that, as well as live reporting on either Facebook or Youtube as well as lots of photographs over on our Instagram account. Which also brings us to some better news….

I am please to welcome my wife, Lisa, back into the fold. She never really left, but due to me doing a lot of the theme park travelling by myself or with our son Sam I was carrying a lot of it on my shoulders as well as various other podcasts and stuff and I was struggling to balance it all. Well that is all about to change

Lisa will now be joining me in running our Instagram account ( were we will be posting all sorts of Disney fun as well as the great times we have as a family.

Not only that but this website will be regularly updated, twice weekly at least, with news, reviews, history and just general Disney escapades, one from myself and one from Lisa.

The podcast will still be a solo affair just cause we find it easier for me to do that while I am at work, but that will also get a more regular schedule starting in April.

Thank you for sticking with us as we furrow our own path in the Disney Community, we hope you get a feel for the magic from us, as we do all the Disney things we love and cheerish.