New Books Coming To Disneyland Paris

Now I am a sucker for a good Disney book, and these two new books coming to Disneyland Paris will be no exception.

First up is a book that has been expected for a while, and that is the Pirates of the Caribbean 50th Anniversary book

The 2nd book, to coincide with the reopening of the attraction, is Phantom Manor

I have a great Haunted Mansion book written by Jason Surrell (former Disney Imaginer , now Senior Creative Director at Universal Studios) that is currently out of the bookcase for a re-read before Nic and myself record an episode of Discover DLP talking Thunder Mesa (Disneyland Paris name for Frontierland, where Phantom Manor resides). Jason also wrote a book regarding Pirates, about it’s journey from Attraction to Screen, which I have still yet to manage to find.

So I find it intriguing that these books are making their ways to the shelves. They are such lovely looking books though, so even if they hadn’t of been in English I still would have purchased them. But lucky for us they will be available in both French and English

The Pirates book will be available in February and the Phantom Manor one will follow as I said when the attraction reopens. Both will be priced at €19.99

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