The Year That….Wasn’t

So 2018 comes to an end and for us it wasn’t the year we were expecting in more ways than one.

I have up my annual pass for Disneyland Paris at the end of 2017 after a stellar year for the park, mainly for the reason we knew as a family we had to cut back on spending to start saving for a house.

We planned to expand our channel, video and podcast wise with this website being the base of operations. Obviously not having regular visits Disney parks meant we would have to change our angle and concentrate more on the British side of things . And that started off well with a great visit to Warwick Castle to see some Disney family related items there.

Sadly around the same time that buying a house thing got brought forward at least 6 months if not by a year when the house were renting was being sold (it wasn’t in the end but we won’t go into that as be are over that annoyance).

But that basically meant every single little bit of spare money we had as gone to paying towards that and afterwards paying back some debt that I think we all incur when by a house for the first time.

2018 wasn’t the year it was meant to be for Magical Kingdom of Walt and the start of 2019 will be much the same, paying off those debts but we are coming to the end of it.

Come Spring time things will become a little easier in those terms. We have work to do on the house and a new car is needed which will take up funds, but we hope you will join us as we take the new journeys of being more adult.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, as I do have a Disneyland Paris annual pass, with a first trip of 2019 already planned for March with hopefully more to come.

The podcast relaunched this month as Disneyland/California show which just 2 episodes in I am enjoying a lot and hopefully you are too.

So thank you to everyone who stuck with us this year through some teething problems, but hopefully we can be bigger and brighter in 2019

Happy New Year

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