Another Reboot….

Some of you may know that I host or co-host multiple podcasts across the After Dark Podcast Network, including (and not limited to) Dis After Dark and Discover DLP. Well one of the shows that I am the dedicated host of, STRIKE, went through a reboot of sorts recently.

We felt we were fairly limited in how we could present the show, with it being solely Marvel related. It meant that in order to record the shows, for the bulk of the time everyone on the show would have to be up to date with the TV show or film we were talking about. Also taking that into consideration we all have real life to deal with,  jobs, families etc.

So we took the decision to scrap the Marvel only theme, and become more of a round-table comic book world show, where we each bring a comic book related subject to the table, be a new show, old show, film, animation, or an actual comic (!!!!). We have recorded one show in that format so far and all seems to be working smoothly. That show can now be found as Biff!Pow!Bam! Look out for the next episode this month where Josh and Tony talk comic book video games.

So what has this got to do with MKOW, well let me fill you in…..

The MKOW podcast was originally started as a show for both myself and Lisa, we found that actually getting us both behind a mic with a young family was difficult. Lisa also was not overly comfortable doing it (same as you will notice a lot of the vlogs will feature my dulcet tones more than hers).

The show became a little bit of a on the go project for me, something to fill in the time on a lunch break or while I was out on a walk. No real solid subject, just a here’s what I have got on my mind when it comes to Disney. Obviously that isn’t going to work in the long run but here comes the but…..

I honestly didn’t know what to do with it. Obviously Disneyland Paris is my closest park, but all my effort with that park is going in to Discover DLP. General Disney discussion goes to Dis After Dark as it should. So where did I go with this show?

Well in recent weeks, I have fallen in love with Disneyland again but that is just the start of it.

Our Craig over at TADPN discovered a new podcasting app, Anchor. Now I had downloaded it months ago wasn’t particularly impressed with the interface and didn’t pay much attention.

What Craig found was a simpler hosting facility, with a good few little side bits to it. Where you could still record a show in the same way, but editing and hosting all in one place if needed.

A few of the network’s smaller shows have moved over and have come out great. So I thought why not move over MKOW, not having to pay for hosting for a show that isn’t really being used but I don’t want those episodes to disappear.

So I moved the show over to Anchor and had a look around the app, and thought you know what this is perfect for a one man show like MKOW.

And alongside my new found love of Anaheim and California in general, an idea was borne. The UK Disney market actually doesn’t have a dedicated Disneyland Resort podcast. So inspired by the new app, that knowledge and actually a vlogging team I have fallen in love with, Fresh Baked, who operate out of the Disneyland Resort, a soft reboot of the Magical Kingdom of Walt podcast is on its way, dedicated to Disneyland and California in general.

They will only be short micro shows as it is a one man thing, but hopefully you will join me as I embark on another new adventure.

And if you have any ideas on guests for the show or subjects you would like me to talk about drop me a message on all the usual social media outlets or by email to