What A Week!!!

I have had a vlog in the can for around 3 weeks but it has been a real strain trying to get it done.

Since it was filmed we have been busy, either not at home or visitors to our house, but this week the plan was to get it up on YouTube.

Sadly that hasn’t happened (yet) First of all Sam got sick, stomach virus picked up from a kid’s birthday party, so he missed his first day of school since he started. He was so sick, poor little man.

Sam spent the weekend recovering while we had visitors, while I had to take some time out to study as I had an exam the following Friday.

I took out a couple of hours on the Saturday, planning on finishing the syllabus on the Sunday. Sunday came and I was feeling a bit off, the start of what I think most people would know as man flu.

Did a little bit but couldn’t get my head in gear, and planned to finish off after work on the Monday. I got through my day at work, came home finished the study and had dinner like normal.

Come the early hours of the morning, I no longer thought I had man flu. I too had caught Sam’s stomach virus. For the next 12 hours I was quite poorly with the stomach virus.

What should have been a couple of evenings doing mock exams and just making sure I was all set had to go by the wayside, as I not only recovered from the illness but suffering the after effects of dehydration.

I spent two days home from work, just really unable to do anything let alone think about using my brain in any capacity. i returned to work on the Thursday (the day before my exam). I got through the day but was very tired still, but I got in and did a mock exam, there were a couple of bits that didn’t quite click, but I knew there would be a way to work it out before the next day, but overall I was positive that I could get through the exam. You see my previous exams on the course (I am studying AAT hopefully to progress to some kind of career as an accountant) I passed with flying colours, over 80% on both.

I had a morning in work before the exam, which I clawed my way through and headed into town to my exam.

Still not really nervous believing I have got this, looked over the things I wasn’t sure of during the mock and waited. I went in still confident of my ability, until the exam started.

I looked at the questions and it was gone. Just couldn’t get my head around the questions, just didn’t make any sense. A pass is 70% but I scraped just above 50%,  I don’t know what happened, whether I was tired, not done enough study or whether the dehydration was still effecting me I am not sure, but I am not looking for an excuse, just another chance.

I spoke to my co-ordinator and the plan is to re-sit this exam before I move on to the next module. I will keep looking but the earliest I can get in currently is late January. Hopefully something might pop earlier than that, even if it is the middle of January, that will be better. I have some things to go through to make sure I really am prepared.

What this is about is not that I was sick or that I failed an exam, but that I am stronger than all of this. Despite this being one of the worst weeks I have ever faced, I have come out the other side just as positive as I was before if not more positive.

We go again, until it all works out.

All of this isn’t for me but for my family, I want to give Lisa and Sam everything that is in my power to give and if that means stepping out of my comfort zone and facing disappointments at times so be it but it will be worth it in the long run.