A Lack of support is a massive blow

I have talked about some of my issues around lacking self confidence and a lack of belief in myself as a major component in my life.

With an online presence, a lot of your interaction in life is through those social media channels and therefore a lot of friends you make, you don’t see them all that often in real life.

You will find most of your interactions with the people you believe you are closest to you will come through those kinds of places.

Now I have described before how this really is nothing but a hobby to entertain my over thinking mind and I want nothing more from it other than that outlet.

But it doesn’t mean I couldn’t do with some support in these ventures from the (supposed) nearest and dearest.

I’m not even always asking people to read/listen/watch what I am creating, but just a simple like or a retweet etc goes a long way to making someone like myself more comfortable with life and that people actually give a damn about people they ‘care’ about.

This might sound harsh, but it is something I have been thinking about for a while. Yes I understand people have busy lives, but it is all to easy to get wrapped up in it and forget about people who may not always have it easy.

Just a simple gesture can go a long way for people who are struggling.