The Disney Social Media Community….

The world of Disney vloggers, bloggers, podcasters, photographers and social commentators is a weird one.

This page was only ever started as somewhere for Lisa and I (mainly me) to get all my useless Disney knowledge. Honestly didn’t really know there was a whole world out there doing just what I was doing.

Over a few years we stumbled firstly across podcasts, mainly the big names, The DIS, WDW Today, The Disney Dish with Jim Hill, WDW Radio etc as well as some British led shows like Disney Brit, Disney Dream Girls and of course Dis After Dark.

I just kept doing what I was doing, learning more and more listening to these shows. I am one of these people that once I have something in my head, I then have to learn as much as I can, really another side of some of my mental health issues, I become obsessive about a subject.

Never in a million years did I believe the information I was taking in would be of any interest for anybody else.

I was happy if I was lucky enough for someone to answer a question I sent in, it was a buzz but, having mentioned a few weeks ago, the anxiety kinda put me off doing anything other than putting words on a website.

I was fortunate enough that I found a group of fellow British Disney enthusiasts in Dis After Dark, firstly taking a guest slot to do a trip report (something weirdly now I find pretty difficult do, be it my own or someone else’s trip, as I don’t think you can ever convey the magic that they experienced) and then coming in as a permanent co-host role, after the great Paul Boniface took a leave of absence.

At times the role has been great for me, I have made some great friends, and it certainly has helped me be more confident at times, especially getting out there and meeting listeners (that still freaks me out that people know who I am, sometimes just by my voice alone). But again I am probably the least cared for host of the show. I am a little more, shall we say, straight laced member of the team. I am all about the facts, and trying to improve the content, than I am about having a beer and telling a joke (nothing wrong with that, the boys have built an audience on exactly that)

At times it hasn’t been so great. We aren’t the most loved podcast in the community, in fact in some quarters we are despised, but I tell you one thing we work bloody hard at times. We all work full time, some of us on really shitty shifts, others away from home, while a few of us have young families (obviously myself included), and we try to put out at least one show a week somewhere across the network.

For the bulk of us, we have no real connections to anything that you would say would bolster what we are producing. And those that do have some contacts in the industry, honestly they are used for other outlets not ours. Anybody we bring in for interviews have really been through hard work and persistence.

We have a great core audience, but we consistently produce great content, but no real growth any more. We do get bad reviews, big surprise there and we do have fallings out with people that, yes you probably would consider competitors. And at those points I have considered quitting because that’s not what I am here for. I am here to get information out there for the people who enjoy the Disney magic.

We thought we may get an opportunity to expand, to have access to a bigger audience, but that ship seems to have sailed sadly. I won’t go into the details as its neither here nor there, but, in looking for a better word, we crave the need to get our product to the people who deserve to hear our show, and that we deserve to have access to. People that do this clearly all have that need other wise we wouldn’t be putting ourselves in this situation.

This comes to the real reason for this articles, yes we get some abuse, but to a massively small effect compared to others.

Podcasting is a very small minority in this community these days. Vlogging is really where it is.

We have dipped our toes in, both for MKOW and The After Dark Podcast Network, but nothing that is going to gain traction.

We watch vloggers from all over the Disney community. And it been a recent trend that people are having to take time out from vlogging, even quitting completely. These have been caused by people causing mental harm to the vloggers.

My issue is that it is all meant to be about the magic, so why is there any need to be negative. If you don’t like someone then, stop watching. There is no need to make derogative comment, or even go for the said vlogger.

There are vlogs and podcasts out there that I don’t enjoy but I don’t feel the need to be negative about them.

Or is this all about something different? My feeling isn’t that they don’t enjoy the shows, more that they enjoy them and become jealous when people have some success.

I have watched some vlog channels for years now and some of them have been so successful that it is their permanent jobs now. Others who I have seen their audiences grow exponentially  and all I can say is it makes me proud to see their hard work is paying off and that I have been part of their community.

All that being said, in some ways, it makes me feel more comfortable that we are a more underground show, that hasn’t got so big that we get lost among this trend. And the abuse we get is minimal.

We appreciate everyone that follows us here and at TADPN and hope you continue to enjoy everything we produce