Disney Trips….They Are Always On Our Mind

We mention that a trip to a Disney Park further afield is in the far off distance but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had plans that have fallen through because of real life.

We last visited a US park in 2014. We had had that trip in our minds for a few years. What changed was that Lisa fell pregnant, when in all honesty we didn’t think it was going to happen. We were just taking the first steps towards looking at other routes, when in the summer of 2012 our miracle happened. So come the spring of 2013 we our had our little bundle of joy, now know as Sam, in our life.

But we knew we needed a little Disney magic and what better way to do that than with our beautiful little boy. People may say ‘why would you take an 18 month old and spend that much money when they won’t remember?’. Well let me tell you, he might not remember, but we will certainly have some wonderful memories of him meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time etc. And now he can look back at pictures etc which make him happy.

Little were we to know we wouldn’t be making a trip back to Florida as a family again until what looks like 2020. While we were finishing off our plans for 2014, Lisa’s mum would have a heart attack (while in, of all places, Florida). Now you might think, why would that effect their trips, well as two parents working full time, Lisa’s parents would look after Sam while we were at work. Once this happened obviously they couldn’t look after him while she recovered. We wanted the best for Lisa’s parents, therefore Sam went into childcare. Now believe me when I say that is not cheap. We earn a decent wage between us but didn’t leave much breathing room, really cutting off any plans of a return trip.

So when Sam turned 4 obviously it was time for him to begin school and in turn free up the £600-800 a month we were spending on nursery, but by this point there were more important things to use that spare cash on, yes that’s right, buying a house.

We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy thing, in fact it was made even more difficult by our current landlord declaring she was going to sell the house we were currently in. We researched and knew we couldn’t afford the house. So the search began.

The difficult bit is getting that deposit together and with the rush of having to move out, we had no chance. We are lucky in the fact we have very supportive and helpful parents, and my mum came through and lent us the deposit so that we could move as soon as we found somewhere and not have to waste more money on renting and wasting our time moving again.

We have been settled in our house now for 3 months, still paying back my mum back and with work to do on the house, but we are slowly starting to become a bit freer and some trips are on the horizon.

Disneyland Paris became a godsend for a Disney fix, I am on my 2nd annual pass in the last 3 years. The family have visited with me, I have been through some great moments for the park, I was there for the 25th Anniversary, I was there the day it was announced The Walt Disney Company were taking full control of the resort and I have ran in 3 Run Disney Paris weekends. I have been very lucky that we did have something close enough that I could still feel that magic once in a while.

And for the next year or so Paris will still be getting my full attention, while we sort out these last few bits, but then the further fun can begin.

Next September the plan is I will be joining The After Dark Podcast Network boys and gal in Florida, for a mental weekend of Universal Studios and Halloween Horror Nights (maybe a tiny splash of the Magic with a visit to Disney Springs)


opefully in the beginning of 2019 Lisa and I will start working on our trip to Florida as a family for October 2020 (yes us Brits can book Disney trips 23 months in advance!!).

As I said real life can affect these dreams, but that is the current trajectory for our plans, and trips further afield for 2021 & 2022 are already whirring round in our heads (yes a return to California and our first trip to Tokyo could be in the offing)

Just remember you dreams may have to be postponed sometimes, but you hold on to those dreams and they will come to you eventually.

A Disney trip is always on our mind in some capacity even if it is off in the distance