Real Disney Magic!

Disney is magical.  Not everyone believes so and to some people, characters are just people in costumes, but to Disney fans, it’s real magic. We captured this magic during Sam’s first trip to Disneyland Paris in October 2015.  We had gone into the Disneyland Hotel to have a look around and to get warm.  We took photos, visited the shop and then wound up sitting in a lounge just outside of Inventions restuarant.  Paul & I aren’t especially sponatenous – we like to plan.  And then plan some more.  But for some reason, on that day, we decided to walk up and see if we could get a table for lunch (you  can read our restaurant review here). We ended up in a small side room away from the main dining area and we were the only diners there. Which meant that when Mickey & Minnie had finished covering the main area, Sam got all of their attention.  The characters were so unbelievably sweet with Sam.  They held his hands, hugged him, shared sweets, brushed his hair, sat with him and spent a good 5-10 minutes generally making him the happiest boy in the place! Inventions is not cheap, but this was worth every single penny. We thought we’d share the pictures so you can see the magic yourself!