We love: A Claireytale

We’re always eager to discover new Disney channels to watch on YouTube.  We have a solid line up of people we watch: Justin Scarred, The TimTracker, Adam the Woo, L&R Dreaming, The Neverland Family…..and now we have added to our list with A Claireytale. We found this channel because we were looking for Videos of the Disney Cinderella Castle Dream Suite. I mean, who doesn’t dream of staying here? The closest most of us will ever get though, is a video.  Or in Claire’s case, a private tour! I really loved her video, it was packed full of information, close-ups and things I hadn’t seen in previous videos. It was longer than the average vlog too, and I felt that it was the most comprehensive tour I’d seen. Both Paul and I liked Claire’s style of filming, her commentary and when the vlog was over, we were both like….”let’s see what else she’s got.” We then discovered her channel was packed full of amazing Disney vlogs as well as home and travel vlogs. Even better, Claire is a former cast member! Our interest went up several (many!) notches and we chose the next video to watch – one where Claire surprised her parents with a stay at The Grand Floridian Club Level. By the end of this video, Paul & I were hooked! Not to mention eager to plan a special night at the Grand Floridian for our next trip.

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Claire has completed two CRP programs (Disney Cultural Representative) and both times she has worked in Epcot, in the UK Pavillion at the Rose & Crown.  She has tons of vlogs about this and they are so, so interesting. Claire is absolutely lovely and so easy to watch and listen to, not to mention interesting & informative.  Much as we love the CRP and Disney vlogs, we have been just as entertained with her moving vlogs, as we have just moved into a new house ourselves!

Claire also has a blog and this packed full of good stuff, including interview tips if you fancy applying to work at Disney! Take a look here.

We don’t always love everything regular TV has to offer and once we’ve seen what we want to on Netflix, we turn to YouTube time and again for entertainment, information, travel videos and our Disney fix.  This channel is great and we are so looking forward to working our way through all of the fab vlogs. We really recommend giving a Claireytale a go – highly enjoyable viewing.  Especially if you are a Dumbo fan! 🙂