Our First Weekly Vlog

Hello and welcome back to Magical Kingdom of Walt

Over the past couple months, we have been looking to plan what comes next and this is it

We will be post a weekly vlog from now on, will normally be a Monday and won’t just be Disney related

We are going to show you just how we function as a family on a weekend and will be called Weekends With The Washingtons

We want it to be a bit more personal and show you just what we do when we are all at home. Whether that means a home vlog or we go out somewhere local, we will be giving you an insight into what we love as individuals and as a family.

It’s difficult to create just Disney content when your closest park is still probably 4-5 hours away (yes an annual pass at Paris does come in handy but still not easy to get to!!)

So we are going to show what makes our family tick when we aren’t in the parks (and don’t worry when we are in the parks we will be sharing that as well)

So in this first vlog I spend Saturday at home catching up on some TV as well as discussing my love for flavoured coffee (woweee!!) and Sunday Lisa, Sam and myself take a trip to a local garden centre

Enjoy our first video, subscribe to the channel and leave us some feedback

Keep on dreaming