Zootopia To Find A Home At Shanghai Disneyland?

While rumours have circulated of a land being built at Disney Animal Kingdom since the movie came out, it seems Disney may have plans for Zootopia to make it’s first theme park appearance in Shanghai instead.


As Shanghai Disneyland moves into it’s 3rd year of operation and proving to be a success, the park maybe looking at massive expansions to cash in on that success

This is where Zootopia comes in, which took a massive $235m box office in China, clearly has a following in the Asian market, and would prove massively popular. With multiple different areas in Zootopia there would be a lot to explore.


Personally, I was a massive fan of the film, beautifully designed characters and landscapes, despite there being a more political undertone in the story, at times the story was one of Disney’s best in recent years. If I knew this land was on the table, I would have taken this over the future planned Frozen Land at Disneyland Paris