So Where Are We At??

It’s been a while since we wrote anything here, for a variety of reasons. Life has a way of interrupting plans don’t you think?

We knew this year was going to be difficult, we knew we wanted to buy a house in 2018 at some point, so funds would be tight. So no Disney trips planned until September when I would be returning to Disneyland Paris for The Magic Run Weekend. I had given up my annual pass after the last race weekend.

Sadly the buying a house thing had to be moved forward very rapidly due to other parties so belts have had to be tightened even further.We are yet to arrange everything in to some kind of order, but it is slowly getting there, with mortgage advisors and house viewings etc.

In the end this could work out in our favour, as the sooner this gets done, the sooner we can start to plan.

Now we aren’t sure how quickly we can get done sorting our finances out, to put us on a good financial footing, but those plans are now coming into focus with some definitesand some maybes in the pipeline.

Let’s start with the definites, I will be in Paris in September for the Half Marathon weekend, I want to keep that 100% record up. I will be meeting up with friends from Run DV once more as well as finally meeting up with Gerald Reznick from RezRuns on Youtube, go and check out his videos

So during that trip I will be returning to being an annual pass holder. So not only will I be taking that trip, I will be hoping to taking in many of the seasons at Disneyland Paris, starting with The Summer of Heroes during the race weekend, via day trips. I hope to get some great footage for the youtube channel (more to come on that a bit later) and some great photos for our Instagram account as well (more on that as well later).

Some maybes, and they are big maybes, come a couple possible trips across the pond. Now with everything being move forward a good six months, we originally had a trip to Disneyland planned for early to middle 2020. With the change in circumstances and following the announcement of the D23 dates which happen to coincide with the last week of Sam’s school holidays, the trip, in principle, has now been moved forward. Now as I said it is still a maybe at the moment, but we are planning towards those dates. Now we haven’t been to California in 7 years so will be 8 by the time this comes around and will be Sam’s first trip to Disneyland. Saying that we spent our honeymoon in Los Angeles and returned the following years and if we hadn’t of been lucky enough to have Sam, may have moved there. Lot of new stuff to see at Disney, including Cartland, Pixar Pier, Guardians of the Galaxy, and hopefully open by then, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. All this and our first D23 Expo, at which Sam is trying to convince us to cosplay (he has set his heart on dressing as Flynn Rider)

So this is this is an even bigger maybe and I’m going to say is secondary to everything else. That is a trip to Universal Studios Florida for Halloween Horror Nights with the boys from Dis After Dark. As I said it will be secondary to the California trip as the family holiday is far more important than anything else.Having only done Halloween Horror Nights twice in Hollywood, I would love to give Orlando a go at some point and this opportunity has arisen, so would love to be able to take up the offer. I just have to make sure it works out as I can’t take the risk of going because I want to not because I can afford to.

Talking of Dis After Dark, we have made leaps and bounds in terms of content and quality. The bulk of the team finally met in one place, had a few drinks and recorded a podcast. We are lucky that we have such great supporters who donate to us via Patreon, who got to listen to that episode. You to can listen if you become a Patreon subscriber here


Our latest show is actually in two parts as we were lucky enough to welcome Disney historian and journalist Jim Hill to the show to discuss the expansions going on in the parks. They can be found here

Talking of podcasting, my own little Marvel podcast is going from strength to strength, picking up interviews with cast members from Marvel shows and creators of Marvel animated shows. We have another one due out this week with a cast member from one of the Marvel/Netflix shows. But for now check out latest project, reviewing every episode from season 2 of Jessica Jones, starting with the first of the season

And on the subject of podcasts, sadly ours had to go by the wayside just mainly due to time constraints.It may return once we have more time, but other things take up our creating hours of the day.

So Instagram has been a major boom for us, over 1000 followers and ever growing. Despite not visiting the parks as often as we would like, we do have a massive catalogue of pictures from our trips so it is always being updated. Check it out

Lastly, where a massive amount of creative energy is spent is over on Youtube. We have mainly been creating unboxing videos that include Disney content, with more to come, but we are venturing out in to vlogging, our first major adventure being a trip to Warwick Castle. We would love to be vlogging from Disney Parks but that just isn’t possible at the moment. While part one is very much a journey around the castle, part 2 which is coming very soon, does feature something very Disney which I hope our followers will love. In the mean time go watch our current videos and give us a subscribe

Thank you for checking us out, you can contact us via our Twitter and Facebook pages we would love to interact with fellow Disney fans