New Cath Kidston/Disney collection on the way!

Just in time for Christmas, the second Mickey & Minnie Mouse Cath Kidston Disney collaboration is about to hit stores! On the 16th November, the latest Mickey & Minnie collection will launch online and on the high street and this time, it’s HUGE. There is so much to see in terms of products and it’s pretty difficult to narrow your choices down! Unless I’m the only one having that problem!

The first M&M collection sold out quickly online, although some products were still readily available in store for a while – but it did sell out.  The very first collaboration (Winne in the Pooh) was also a sell out. Next followed the 101 Dalmatians collections. Now, Cath Kidston are well known for doing spot designs and doing them very well. In fact, I own their navy and white spot weekend bag, cosmetic bag, ipad cover and purse. So naturally I expected this collection to fly out the door. Except, it didn’t. It did really well but items are still available online now, as well as in store. In fact, I saw some items at their outlet store in Cheshire Oaks, reduced in price.

Next came the Peter Pan collection. Another collection packed full of gorgeous items, another collection that did not sell out, with lots being available online to buy. Did CK simply produce more stocks, having learned from previous sell out collections? Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see how the new M&M collection does, especially with it being around Christmastime. I’ve got my eye on several pieces and overall, I like what I’m seeing better than the first collection.

Do you own any CK/Disney pieces? Will you be looking to purchase from the new collection? Drop us a line below. In the meantime, feast your eyes and what’s coming soon and don’t forget to sign up for early access to the online launch.