Thank You!!!

We just wanted to say thank to all our readers, listeners, watchers and followers.

Over the last year or so our output has grown. Our podcast began after we decided we could offer something different to other podcasts. We wanted it to be a more family dedicated affair. Not always looking at trip planning like a lot of shows do, but more at all the things that surround Disney, history, merchandise and much more. Now while it is still going, it hasn’t been our most popular outlet. We will continue the show and hopefully it will continue to grow and give us the opportunity to produce the show we know we can provide. Please if you haven’t, give the show a listen. We are more than will to listen to what people want so give us your feedback

The show can be found here:

Another new platform we moved to was Youtube. Now we aren’t the most confident people in front of the camera so the vlogging thing really hasn’t taken off, despite the fact we love watching Disney Vlogs (check out our latest chat about vloggers

We have some ride throughs, some shows and room reviews over on our Youtube channel, but I am hoping to add some proper vlogging next month when I return to Disneyland Paris for The Half Marathon weekend. I’m still learning massively when it comes to video editing etc but hopefully that will come together the more I do

Our Youtube channel can be found here

Our Facebook and Twitter account are really feed by our different media channels, like here, the podcast and Youtube, but we would love to interact more with readers, listeners and views so hopefully we can get to know the community a bit more.


And finally the one that has really made a big splash over the last six months, our Instagram account. Over just a short few months we gained our 1000th follower over the weekend. We cannot express how grateful we are over this. Thank you thank you thank you. Despite the fact our park going will slow down for a little while over September we still have plenty of pictures for Instagram and that won’t change.

So once again thank you for your support and I can only say that the material we produce will continue to flow. And if you could find it in your heart to share us to your Disney friends, we would appreciate it massively. The more people we attract the better the content we can offer you