Disney’s Minnie Vans

It’s a well known fact that Uber is a great alternative to waiting on Disney buses if you want to get from resort to park, quickly. However, Disney have decided they’d like to compete with Uber and similar companies by entering the world of private transport.  They are in the testing stages of their answer to Uber, with their Minnie Vans Fleet.

The service is expected to launch early in August. The vans are Chevy Traversers and can seat up to six people (and include 2 car seats for children). The service will take you from point A to B, as long as it’s on Disney property. The cost is expected to be $20 for up to 6 people, no matter where you want to go on property. If all of your luggage, passengers etc will not fit in one vehicle, Disney will arrange a second vehicle at no extra charge.

There’s a HUGE advantage to using this service – and that’s Disney’s VIP drop off and pick up locations. Minnie Vans drop off right at the bus stop, rather than the ticket & transportation center (where Uber has to drop off). This means you won’t need to bother with the monorail or the ferry. There are 2 stops at Disney Springs (Marketplace and Cirque Du Soleil). Larger resorts have multiple drop off spots, allowing you to get closer to your room, especially if your location isn’t close to any bus stop. Pick up & drops off locations at the others parks is still to be confirmed but it is believed that like Magic Kingdom, Minnie Vans will stop at bus stops and not the Ticket & Transportation center.

Other information:

– Cast members are not accepting tips for this service, so it really is just a flat rate of $20
– Disabled vehicles will be available
– You will be able to order your car via an app
– The radios will be streaming Disney music!
– The vans will run from 8.30am (breakfast reservations sorted) and run until after midnight
– As the cars are driven by Disney cast members, expect a professional service

What do you think? Will you be giving this service a whirl?