Our current favourite Disney vloggers are: The Trackers, Adam the Woo, Justin Scarred, The Neverland Family and DLRP Fans. Joining the ranks of these fantastic vloggers are our new favourites, Brock & Promise, otherwise known as Ears2You.

Brock & Promise are our kind of people: their vlogs are fun, very entertaining and packed full of awesome music (made by them!). We’ve watched them move from Tennessee to Florida and in their own words:

“We are Brock & Promise from Sarasota, Florida and we film our lives!!! We go to Disney and have Floridian adventures all the time! We also make all our own Music!”

Promise is also an ex-Disney cast member so has lots of knowledge when it comes to the house of Mouse. They’re both Disney pass holders so you can expect lots of Disney content, all to the backdrop of their music. They’ve just hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube and their following is growing quickly thanks to their laid back, light hearted approach to vlogging.

The best thing is, because they run their own show, everything is natural, unscripted, unbiased and very, very watchable. Check them out, we promise you won’t regret it!

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